Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Eggs: The Unlikely Health Hero

When people think about healthy food, eggs don't usually make the list. After all, eggs are infamous for having high cholesterol and fat content. Not good. But as many are rediscovering, eggs do have a redeeming quality, and if consumed right, can be actually very healthy.

The fat eggs are actually good fat. The yolk contains all the fat, so it's easy to separate from the rest of the egg if you don't want extra fat. But aside from fat, egg yolk also have large amounts of vitamins B2 and B12 which are essential for healthy skin and red blood cell production. The yolk also contain vitamin K, a nutrient that helps maintain bone and liver health. Minerals like selenium and choline that fight free radicals - cancer-causing cells - can also be found in eggs. Eggs are also known to improve brain function. It also contains vitamin D, a vitamin that reduces risks of diabetes, multiple sclerosis, and bone degeneration. As for the egg white, it is an excellent source of lean protein.

With all these nutrients, make space for an egg in your daily diet. In moderation, eggs can be good for you.

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