Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Frozen Yogurt for Dessert?

healthy foods - frozen yourt for dessert?
Ice cream is a common favorite among people who have a huge sweet tooth. But heavenly as it is, there's no sugarcoating the amount of fat, sugar, and cholesterol we pile on every time we gorge on this decadent treat. And if like me, you have to be wary of your sugar and fat intake, does this mean we have to deprive ourselves of eating ice cream for the rest of our lives? Ice cream, yes. But frozen yogurt, no.

More tart than ice cream and of much lower fat content, frozen yogurt, which is made from pure milk rather than cream, is hardly any different from ice cream. Their taste, texture, appearance and even creaminess are almost exactly alike. Similarly presented in a variety of flavors, frozen yogurt is a heaven-sent substitute for all ice cream lovers out there in need of a healthier replacement.

Compared to standard yogurt, though, frozen yogurt has less calcium and protein. Nonetheless, no one can question its probiotic benefits. Each serving of frozen yogurt rewards us with a good helping of live bacteria culture necessitated for good digestion. Besides the latter, it also has all the good health advantages “good bacteria” offers.

Written By: Maris Modesto

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  1. So much agree to the article here but with this winter season I think just a plain yogurt will do for me instead of having it frozen. :P