Monday, January 18, 2010

Quinoa, The Wonder Grain

Quinoa has enjoyed an increase in its popularity in recent years. A native of South America, quinoa has long been the staple food for many local tribes. While it is not a true grain - it's a plant belonging to the same family as spinach and chard - it is widely used as one. As of now, it is also the grain of choice of many health nuts and wellness buffs.

Quinoa grains are loaded with nutrients like magnesium, vitamins B2 and B6, iron, and zinc. This makes quinoa ideal for people who suffer from migraines, anemia, and weakened immune systems. It is also rich in protein, which makes it a great alternative protein source for vegetarians.

Quinoa can be used for breakfast as a cereal by cooking it as you would with oatmeal. You can toss quinoa into a salad, shape them into burgers with beans, add them to soups, or use them as foil for more substantial courses like meat, poultry, or fish. Quinoa also offers you a healthier alternative to desserts. You can prepare quinoa as a rice pudding for a nuttier and healthier version of the dish.

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